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Family Photo What to Wear Guide

Todays post is a family photo what to wear guide.  The singly most asked question by my clients when booking is “what should we wear”!

jeans and top ideas for portrait session
Outfit advice for studio sessions

What LOOK is you?

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have the right wardrobe to be photographed in. So let me design a shoot for you. First decide what

Denim & Cream Family Style

Hello…  We continue with our what to wear guides for a family session and today’s guide is for denim and cream.  A very simple but

What to Wear Pet Photography Ideas Guide

I hope you enjoyed Mondays post with Billie Piper and Stevie Nics! Today I’d like to share with you or what to wear pet photography ideas guide on what to wear for a photography session for your cat or dog in this example.

using textures helps with white clothing photo session
Outfit advice for studio sessions

White is Alright

Today’s What to Wear Guide is a visual guide on how white clothing on a white background works.  White clothing with little ones can work

newborn photo session mums clothing ideas
Outfit advice for studio sessions

What to Wear | New Mums Clothes

This weeks ‘What to Wear’ guide is for new mums who are coming to the studio to have photographs taken with their newborn. Newborn sessions